In Her Words Bookshop

In Her Words Bookshop


We are a small passionate team.

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Founders of In Her Words Bookshop

We’re Rajah and Kareena, the passionate founders behind this endeavor.

Our love for reading sparked the idea for In Her Words Bookshop. We recognized a crucial need for greater representation of women, BIPOC, and gender-diverse stories in the literary world. There are countless beautiful narratives waiting to be shared, and we’re committed to amplifying them.

What makes our journey even more special is that we’re not just business partners; we’re also best friends. Together, we’re dedicated to creating a space where diverse voices are celebrated and cherished.

While we currently operate through pop-up events at markets, our dream is to establish a permanent home for In Her Words Bookshop. But until then, we’re thrilled to embark on this journey, curating a thoughtful selection of literature by women and gender-diverse authors.

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Meet Our Co-Founder: Kareena

The imaginative force behind In Her Words Bookshop.

For Kareena, books have always been a portal to escape reality. Since her early years, she’s been captivated by the enchanting worlds found within fantasy and dystopian series. Her imagination knows no bounds as she weaves together magical realms in her mind through the pages of her favorite stories.

A fun tidbit about Kareena: Her journey with books began long ago when she landed her first job as a student page for EPL!

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Meet Our Co-Founder: Rajah

The heart and soul of In Her Words Bookshop.

Rajah’s journey with books began during her childhood, marked by weekly adventures to the Stanley A. Milner Library. It was there that her love affair with reading ignited and continues to burn brightly.

During her junior high years, Rajah embarked on a creative endeavor by starting a bookstagram account, which quickly garnered a following of 2k devoted fans—a decision she now regrets deleting. By the time she reached high school, Rajah’s passion for storytelling had blossomed, leading her to craft her own narratives, often indulging in the realm of fanfiction.